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About Last Night – Davey Jones

Davey Jones is in the new Ghostbusters! While that is amazing, and his aunt Allison Jones, the biggest comedy casting director in Hollywood, is also amazing, he shares a story that will utterly change the way you think. You may laugh and cry in this episode, and you’ll no doubt have a stronger appreciation for life. Go see Ghostbusters in theaters July 15th, and enjoy the insane journey that is this special episode! Follow Adam on TWITTER @adamraycomedy, Brad @funnybrad, Davey @djbostonjones, & the pod @alnpodcast.

About Last Night – Aldis Hodge and Mike Jackson

Aldis Hodge has starred in Friday Night Lights, Leverage, Straight Outta Compton, and now is the lead on the WGN drama UNDERGROUND. His journey to LA is incredible. He shares some great stories about working with Tom Cruise and Lebron James, as well as his passion for designing watches. Mike Jackson, a producer of UNDERGROUND and producing partner with John Legend, also stops by to break down how they found the show, finding the right projects to produce, and how he met John Legend one magical night. Enjoy this episode and follow Aldis on TWITTER @AldisHodge, Mike @mikemjackson312, Adam @adamraycomedy, Brad @funnybrad & the podcast @alnpodcast.

About Last Night – Jonathan Kite

Jonathan Kite is about to shoot his first hour special at his High School in Chicago, and stops by to talk about workshopping material, developing new impressions, and prank calls Adam’s favorite Thai restaurant in an epic fashion. Get tickets to see Jon’s special & follow him on Twitter @jbkite. Follow Adam & Brad @adamraycomedy & @funnybrad.

About Last Night – Scotty Landes

Scotty Landes stops by to talk finding his place in comedy in NYC, producing ADAM DEVINE’S HOUSE PARTY, and where his hilarious Twitter handle came from. He’s a well known writer in the comedy game, and shares some solid insight to his world. Enjoy this episode and follow the guys on TWITTER @marylandmudflap @adamraycomedy @funnybrad.

About Last Night – Kira Solanovich

Comedian Kira Solanovich drops by to talk about having kids, her son “acting crazy” in school, her experiences having Soviet Russian immigrant parents, working in comedy, her time on ‘Girls Behaving Badly’, and so much more! You can follow Kira on TWITTER @kiracomedy, follow Adam @adamraycomedy & Brad @funnybrad.

About Last Night – Cort McCown

Comedian and Actor Cort McCown makes his hilarious debut to talk about being an extra on Teen Wolf, going to Hugh Hefner’s birthday party at the Playboy mansion, how he started comedy and his early days at The Comedy Store, his love of hockey and being a golf caddy. You won’t want to miss this one! You should follow Cort on Twitter @cortmccown and check out his podcast ‘Insensitivity Training’. You can follow Adam @adamraycomedy and Brad @funnybrad!

About Last Night – Brad & Adam

In this special episode, we break down how Brad’s life is post SHOWTIME special, how he prepared his second hour, and we listen to some bonus footage that was recorded backstage at the Alex Theater with the boys and two-time ALN guest Barry Katz! Enjoy this bonus episode & follow the boys on TWITTER @adamraycomedy @funnybrad & @alnpodcast.

About Last Night – Max Winkler

Max Winkler stops by to talk his USC days with Adam, growing up with the Fonz as a father, how he found his passion for directing, and an amazing story of attending the greatest Bar Mitzvah of all time. Max is a rising star in Hollywood, so get to know him now, and follow the guys on TWITTER @adamraycomedy & @funnybrad.