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About Last Night – Eddie Berke

Eddie Berke has been bartending at The Hollywood Improv since 1979, and is a staple of one of the best comedy clubs in the world. Anyone who spends time there knows Eddie, and the warm, gracious, and friendly demeanor he always demonstrates towards customers and comics alike. Very few know Eddie’s background before comedy, as well as the countless stories and experiences he’s accumulated from being around comedy greats for 30 plus years. This interview will give you all of that. From Robin Williams, to Andy Kaufman, to Johnny Carson, to helping Nick Swardson fight off drunk fans, to his showbiz family, and his days in Harlem working as a Behavioral counselor, after this episode, you too will love Eddie Berke.

ALN – Hasan Minhaj

Hasan Minhaj joins us live from the Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin, TX, where he was performing his critically acclaimed one man show, “HOMECOMING KING.” Hasan’s one of those guys you root for, and can’t help but want to be around. Charismatic, sharp, and honest, he’s got the makeup for a great dude, and comedian. This episode is an instant ALN classic, as he candidly tells us about growing up without a Mom for the first 8 years of his life, to his struggles early on to fit in, to how debate/speech class changed his life, and his journey from Northern California to LA, and eventually to NYC for his current job on the “DAILY SHOW.” This episode has it all, so enjoy it as much as we did. Please go see his live show “HOMECOMING KING,” whenever you get the chance. It’s one of the best live shows around, and follow Hasan on TWITTER @HasanMinhaj.

About Last Night – Cardiknox

Cardiknox just got off tour with Carly Rae Jepsen, and are about to take over the pop music scene! Originally from Seattle, the band formed in NYC, and has since gone on to sign with Warner Bros., release a top selling album, have a critical acclaimed music video for their song “ON MY WAY,” and get the attention of such big wigs as APPLE & Cyndi Lauper. An amazing interview with lots of laughs. Go see them live and follow them on TWITTER @cardiknox.

About Last Night – Jamie Kaler

Jamie Kaler stops by to talk being a Daddy in 2016, how he went from the military to comedy, his crazy drinking days, and working on the show FRIENDS. He’s one of the funniest and most likable guys in the business, so go see him live and follow Jamie on TWITTER @jamiekaler.

About Last Night – Josh Wolf

Josh Wolf makes his ALN debut to talk bout his friendship with Larry the Cable Guy, doing comedy for 50k people, living on food stamps with 3 kids, road life with Chelsea Handler, and the defining moment in his life that made him turn up the heat on his career. The energy at the table in this episode is awesome. So many hilarious yet real discussions, Josh will be back again for more no doubt. Follow him on TWITTER @joshwolfcomedy.

About Last Night – Leonard Ouzts

Leonard Ouzts is a rising star in the comedy world, and this episode will make you an instant fan. In the past 3 months he’s been on CONAN, Adam Devine’s HOUSE PARTY, and sold a pilot to MTV! From working at IHOP, to playing Toto in The Wizard of Oz, to his inspiring grind to Hollywood, Leonard shows why he’s one of the funniest up and comers in the business. The great Adam Devine also makes a special guest appearance. Enjoy this episode and follow Leonard on TWITTER @LeonardOutzs.

About Last Night – Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy returns for a bonus exclusive interview with her buddy Adam! She talks about her hilarious new movie THE BOSS, hosting SNL, getting a star on the Walk of Fame, and her recent lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon that almost broke the internet. THE BOSS opens April 8th in theaters everywhere! Go see it & follow her on TWITTER @melissamccarthy.

About Last Night – Dana Carvey

Dana Carvey returns and we couldn’t stop laughing!! From Trump, to Hillary, to if Garth ran for President, it’s an instant classic. We also get into his traumatic heart surgery, his amazing recovery, how his sons are following in his footsteps, his new NETFLIX special, and USA show “First Impressions.” Dana is a legend, a friend, and destroys yet again. Enjoy this episode & follow him on TWITTER @danacarvey.