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About Last Night – Brent Morin

Brent Morin returns for his record setting 6th appearance on the ALN podcast, and he delivers yet again! Along side his best friend Matt, the two share stories of their childhood, how they first met, crazy work characters, bar fights, and how he might have a kid on the way. We may have been drinking. Don’t miss Brent’s NETFLIX special called “I’m Brent Morin,” available for streaming Dec 1st! And follow Brent on TWITTER @brentmorin.

About Last Night – Andrew Santino

Andrew Santino returns for another non-stop laugh filled interview! From creating, to telling us about working with Jim Carrey, to his thoughts on weed legalization, it’s another ALN INSTANT CLASSIC. Andrew has a Comedy Central Half-Hour special coming out 11/28 that you need to watch, and his debut comedy album on 11/27 that you need to get! He’s a comedy beast, and a rising star. Enjoy this episode & follow him on TWITTER @cheetosantino.

About Last Night – Jon Rudnitsky

Jon Rudnitsky is the newest cast member on SNL, and 2 hours after he found out, he came stopped by the podcast to tell us the story!! He dreamt about this job his entire life, and at 25, it’s real. From acting school at USC, to making viral videos on YouTube, and how one Dirty Dancing bit changed his life, this podcast will not only make you laugh and fall in love with him, but may also inspire you along the way. Enjoy this special episode, watch him on SNL, and follow Jon on TWITTER @JonRudnitsky.

About Last Night – Joshua Meyrowitz

Joshua Meyrowitz is an up-and-coming comic, with Aspergers/high functioning Autism. We were thrilled to sit down with him, as he is just as hilarious as he is sweet, and so fun to be around. From movies, to his favorite types of Japanese porn, to dealing with Autism at an early age, and how The Comedy Store saved his life, I dare you not to feel feelings and laugh extremely hard during this special, no pun intended, episode. Follow Josh on TWITTER @AutisticThunder.

About Last Night – Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr makes his first appearance on the ALN pod, and delivers like he does in every facet of his life. From his SNL days, to his dominance in sports radio, maintaing a top level in the standup game, and the greatest Tom Cruise story you’ll ever hear, this one quickly will become a fan favorite! Enjoy, and follow Jay on TWITTER @JayMohr37.

About Last Night – Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel makes a special appearance and shares some incredibles stories about how Bobby’s World was created, voicing a Gremlin, how DEAL OR NO DEAL almost didn’t happen, and gives some amazing insights into a career that spans over 30 years, and started in a comedy club in Canada. Howie is the fucking man, and we know you’ll have as much fun listening to this as we did talking to him. Follow Howie on TWITTER @HowieMandel.

About Last Night – The Best of The About Last Night Podcast!

For this very special 200th episode we take a walk down memory lane and listen to some of the best and funniest moments from The About Last Night Podcast! Thank you so much to everybody who listens! You can follow the guys on TWITTER @adamraycomedy & @funnybrad.