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About Last Night – Puddin (Adam’s Mom)

PUDDIN makes her triumphant return to the podcast, and again, crushes it. We talk childhood TV crushes, Brad and I both losing our voices, and Puddin introduces us to some of the funniest mom catch phrases you’ll ever hear! This was a fun one from start to finish. Subscribe on ITUNES & follow us on TWITTER @adamraycomedy & @funnybrad.

About Last Night – Jonathan Kite

Jonathan Kite returns for the 3rd time, and it may be the best one yet!! We couldn’t stop laughing the whole time as we interviewed Donald Trump, Jeff Bridges, Christian Bale, Seth Rogan, Tom Hanks, then analyzed a never before heard Casey Kasem meltdown clip, and talked about the upcoming 5th season of his hit show TWO BROKE GIRLS on CBS. This episode quickly became an ALN all timer. Enjoy it, and follow Jonathan on TWITTER @jbkite.

About Last Night – Ruben Paul

Ruben Paul stops by to talk about growing up near Compton, with Haitian parents, how he found comedy and began writing for big name acts, and how at almost 20 years in, he’s found his true voice on stage. One of the funniest guys in the biz, with stories you won’t believe. This became a quick ALN favorite. Go see Ruben live on stage, and follow him on TWITTER @IamRubenPaul.

About Last Night – Tony Hinchcliffe

Tony Hinchcliffe stops by to talk about how getting teased as a kid in Ohio shaped his comedic mind, meeting Jeff Ross & writing for the Comedy Central Roasts, getting a job at The World Famous Comedy Store in LA, the creation of his incredibly popular podcast KILL TONY, and shares some really great insight about how hanging out late night at comedy clubs can be just as important as getting up on stage. Tony is a great dude, and one of the top young writers in the business. Follow him on TWITTER @TonyHinchcliffe, and remember this name, because you’ll be hearing much more of it very soon.

About Last Night – Pete Williams

In a very special episode, Brad sits down and interviews his father, Pete Williams for the podcast. They talk about what it was like raising a son with dwarfism, Pete’s time running one of the hottest punk rock clubs in Southern California, battling and defeating cancer, and even share a Ducktails connection. You can definitely see where Brad gets his sense of humor from in this episode. If you have kids, are thinking about having kids, or ever watched a kid’s show on Saturday mornings, this episode is a must listen. Enjoy!

About Last Night – Maz Jobrani

Maz Jobrani has taken his act all over the world! From Saudi Arabia to Sweeden, his stories are incredible. From his move to LA, to his thoughts on the middle east, to getting the nickname “The Persian Pink Panther,” it’s no wonder he’s one of the best in the game. Enjoy this episode as much as we did, and follow Maz on TWITTER @MazJobrani.