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About Last Night – Sam Richardson

Sam Richardson is a star. He and Adam met in Budapest while filming SPY, and through booze and laughs, bonded immediately. He’s one of the funniest dudes in the biz, and a great dude. In this fun episode, Sam tells us about his role in the hit HBO series VEEP, growing up in GHANA, and how Second City in Chicago changed his life. It’s a classic from top to bottom. Follow Sam on TWITTER @SamRichardson9.

About Last Night BONUS – Brian Redban

Brian Redban stops by to talk about how being tech savoy in his basement in small town OHIO, took him to working for Joe Rogan in LA, meeting Kurt Cobain on acid, why he loves the Olive Garden, and having sex in car while driving it. A comedy journey unlike any we’ve heard, and drug stories that’ll blow your mind. Get to know the hilarious and innovative Brian Redban. Follow Brian on TWITTER @redban.

About Last Night – Jason Collings

Jason Collings is a comedy beast, but his journey might be the craziest you’ll ever hear from a comedian. From an R&B producer, to owning a martial arts studio, to starting comedy at 40 with 2 kids, to getting discovered by JOKOY, you’ll be both entertained and inspired from this episode. Follow Jason on TWITTER @JasonCollings.

About Last Night BONUS – Brady Matthews

Brady Matthews has been on Jimmy Kimmel Live, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, How I Met Your Mother, and numerous TV and print ads, because he’s probably the best looking comic in Hollywood. Brady stops by for his first appearance and shares hilarious high school party stories, his first fight in the library, how his football career came to an end, growing up around Michael Jordan, and how Second City in Chicago started his comedy journey. Brady is one of the most fun guys you’ll meet, and a down right hilarious comedian. Enjoy this episode as much as we did, and follow Brady on TWITTER @BradyMatthews13.

About Last Night – Marc Summers

DOUBLE DARE was one of the greatest game shows in the history of the world, and the man who is responsible for it’s success and popularity, is Marc Summers. One of the best podcasts in ALN history, Marc stops by to talk about his early days as a standup comic with Letterman, Leno and Robin Williams, auditioning for DOUBLE DARE, how the show was made, how he got involved with the Food Network, what Oprah smells like, and getting in a fight with Burt Reynolds. So many laughs in this episode, and stories that you won’t hear anyone else. He’s one of the nicest guys around, and it’s no wonder people have wanted to be in business with him for 40 plus years. Follow Marc on Twitter @lbatvmc.

About Last Night BONUS – Jay Montepare

Jay Montepare is a hilarious comic, a great a dude, and the host of Ellen’s DESIGN CHALLENGE on HGTV. Jay shares great stories from the road, how he was handpicked by Ellen Degeneres, and the most insane first time doing standup story you’ll ever hear. Subscribe to the show on ITUNES, and follow Jay on Twitter @JayMontepare.

About Last Night – Brian Scolaro

Brian Scolaro is one of planet earth’s funniest standup comedians. From growing up funny in NYC, to acting with Pam Anderson, to talking with Michael Richards days before his racist rant at the Laugh Factory, Brian’s stories and voice will keep you engaged for hours. He’s one of the best in the business, and if you can see him live, you must do so! Get his albums on ITUNES and follow him on Twitter @Brian_Scolaro