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About Last Night BONUS – Adam Devine Tour Recap

In this special bonus episode, Adam Ray is joined by Adam Devine, and tour manager Kyle Walsh, to recap the 30 city ADAM DEVINE STANDUP tour the three embarked on from Feb 10th – March 8th 2015. None of them had ever done anything like this. The stories are hilarious, the shows were insane, and the friendships are for a lifetime. Follow the boys on Twitter @ADAMDEVINE & @Goonssquad.

About Last Night – Peter Segal

Peter Segal has directed many of your favorite comedy movies. TOMMY BOY, 50 FIRST DATES, NUTTY PROFESSOR THE KLUMPS, THE LONGEST YARD, GET SMART, GRUDGE MATCH, ANGER MANAGEMENT and NAKED GUN 33 1/3. If you love comedy, and great unheard stories about Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Chris Farley, David Spade, Robert Deniro and Jack Nicholson, then grab a glass of merlot, get comfy in your snuggie, and enjoy the shit out of this incredible episode. Follow Peter on Twitter @pete_segal.

ABLN Bonus – Kirk Huffman

In this special bonus episode, Adam’s childhood buddy and rising music star Kirk Huffman, stops by to talk about how they met in 7th grade cartooning class, how they took over their High School news program in Seattle, life on the road, and breaks down his current band, THE REAL DON. He’s one of the most solid dudes on planet earth, and an incredible musician. Check out his music at & follow Kirk on Twitter @therealdonmusic.

About Last Night – Harland Williams

The great Harland Williams makes his 3rd appearance on the podcast, and it may be the funniest. We talk about cereal mascots as Presidents, his new sitcom in Canada, the best pranks he’s ever pulled, and debuts some of his new music he made with the Barenaked Ladies. He’s one of the nicest, most hilarious dudes on the planet, so sit back & enjoy. Follow Harland on Twitter @HarlandWilliams.

ABLN – Jade Catta-Preta

Jade Catta-Preta is one of the sweetest, funniest people on the earth. In this episode she tells us about growing up in Brazil, her struggles with learning the English language, falling in love with standup comedy, being on MTV’s GIRL CODE, living in NYC, and improvises a Brazilian musical with the boys, that should be definitely be on Broadway:) Jade is a rising star. Enjoy this episode, and follow her on Twitter @thejademovie.

About Last Night BONUS – Brad and Adam

The boys sit down for a BONUS episode, and recap the Kevin & Bean APRIL FOOLISHNESS show at The Shrine, Adam’s first @Midnight appearance, and friend of the show Mark Serritella joins them for some comedic commentary on hilarious news stories from this past week. Too many laughs in this one. Follow Mark on Twitter @MarkSeritella.

About Last Night – Milana Vayntrub

Milana Vayntrub stops by to tell us about growing up in Uzbekistan, becoming the face of AT&T, her new show on YAHOO called “Other Space,” and how our Jewish our mothers are. She’s the most adorable person on planet earth, and incredibly funny. Enjoy. Follow Milana on Twitter @MintMilana.

About Last Night BONUS – Justin Martindale

Justin Martindale is one of the funniest people on planet earth, and we were lucky enough to have him on the show. From being a drunk High School mascot, to becoming friends with Lance Bass, to writing for Joan Rivers, we know this episode will make you an instant fan of his. Go see Justin live, and follow him on Twitter @justmartindale.