Archive for March 2015

About Last Night – Raj Sharma

Raj Sharma is one of the nicest, funniest dudes on planet earth, and stops by the podcast for an incredibly entertaining 90 minutes. From growing up with strict Indian parents, to getting arrested, to dating a Dwarf, this one is filled with laughs from top to bottom. Go see Raj live, and follow him on Twitter @comedianRaj.

About Last Night – Carlos Mencia

Carlos Mencia stops by to talk about the incredible story of how he discovered Brad Williams in a comedy club, how he may have isolated himself from the standup community, recounts some funny moments from MIND OF MENCIA that never aired, and gives an amazing breakdown of how he structures a joke. It was hilarious, insightful, and an episode you should not miss. Follow Carlos on Twitter @carlosmencia.

About Last Night – Andrew Santino

Andrew Santino is a rising star in Hollywood. He returns to the podcast to talk about his first late night appearance on CONAN, how he almost died in Vegas shooting his new TV show, and delivers the first good Adam Ray impression ever. There’s a lotta laughs in this one. Follow Andrew on Twitter @cheetosantino.

About Last Night – Jodi Miller

Jodi Miller is a name you need to know. From performing for the troops, to Chelsea Lately, to America’s Got Talent, she’s made everybody laugh. She stops by the show to tell about the 10 year old comic she mentors, why cats are awesome, and how America’s Got Talent changed her life. She’s hilarious, she’s sexy, and she’s on Twitter @jodimillercomic.

About Last Night – Roy Wood Jr

Roy Wood Jr. stops by to share hilarious stories from his radio DJ days, how he beat the Ninja Turtles arcade game on $1.25, starting comedy in Birmingham, Alabama, and ends the show with the greatest prank call you’ll ever hear. Follow Roy on Twitter @RoyWoodJr.