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ABL – Rick Glassman

RICK GLASSMAN is one of the stars of NBC’s new show UNDATEABLE. He’s one of the most unique comedians out there, and shares stories of playing basketball with Lebron James, his obsession with Magic the Gathering cards, and how he charmed his way onto a network sitcom. It’s a fun episode from top to bottom. Follow Rick on twitter @RickGlassman.

ABL – Classic! (Originally Aired 5-6-13)

In this CLASSIC ABLN episode, the boys talk about Brad’s first acting job on Nickelodeon, Adam getting in trouble as Wolverine, and we hear Adam’s 3 year old nieces talk about Justin Beiber. It’s a fun one. Listen for your country. Happy Memorial Day!

About Last Night – Francisco Ramos

Francisco Ramos stops by to talk about growing up in Venezuela, learning to speak English, starting comedy in the US, and his most embarrassing moment ever. He’s hilarious and our most cultured guest yet. Don’t miss it. Follow him on Twitter @FramosComedy‚Äč

Tom Segura stops by to talk about being married to a comedian, using humor to find acceptance as he moved from school to school as a kid, and what it was like to do so many drugs that you fall into a coma. He’s hilarious, he’s an amazing story teller, and his new hour special COMPLETELY NORMAL is on ITUNES & Netflix now. Get it. Watch it. We love this guy. Follow him on Twitter @tomsegura.‚Äč

About Last Night – Mo Mandel

Mo Mandel is hilarious. His high energy and sharp wit is the reason he’s been on multiple TV shows, Chelsea Lately, and has his own half hour Comedy Central special. He stops by the podcast to talk about growing up with ADD in a city of 2,000 people, talking his way out of speeding tickets, and gets a visit from Tony Danza.