About Last Night – Brad and Adam

Brad and Adam are solo this week and it’s a great one! The guys do some impressions and talk about Adam’s performance at the David Ortiz roast, commercial voice over people, weddings, the new man-bun Ken dolls, and so much more! Follow Adam on TWITTER @AdamRayComedy, Brad @funnybrad, and the podcast @ALNPodcast!

About Last Night – Jordan Black

The amazing Jordan Black makes his ALN debut to talk about working with Christopher Guest, Jordan’s journey through improv and comedy, working at SNL when Donald Trump was the guest host, Brad and Jordan break down using the “n” word, and so much more! If you love comedy you’ll love this episode! Follow Jordan on TWITTER @fakejordanblack, Brad @FunnyBrad, Adam @AdamRayComedy, and the podcast @ALNPodcast!

About Last Night – Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny makes her ALN debut to talk about her 16.3 million Instagram followers, how she capitalized on VINE, her journey from Florida State University to Los Angeles, shady guys trying to get her work, and the guys suggest ideas for her celebratory 17 millionth Instagram follower video! It’s a super fun episode, so enjoy! Follow Amanda on all social medias @AmandaCerny, Adam @adamraycomedy, Brad @funnybrad & @alnpodcast.

About Last Night – Piotr Michael

MadTV’s Piotr Michael returns to the podcast to do a TON of great impressions and talk some crazy experiences he’s had doing voices on The Howard Stern Show, the guys prank call the Thai Restaurant as Steve Buscemi and coin a Jeff Goldblum catch phrase. You don’t want to miss this great episode and you should follow everybody on TWITTER @ThisisPiotr, Adam @adamraycomedy, Brad @funnybrad, and the pod @alnpodcast.

About Last Night – Brendan Schaub

Comedian and Podcaster Brendan Schaub makes his first appearance on the podcast and it’s a great one! Brendan talks about playing professional football, competing in the UFC, his journey transitioning into comedy, almost getting killed by a pimp, and shares stories of his past life! Check out his podcasts The Fighter & the Kid and Big Brown Breakdown Show and follow everybody on TWITTER @BrendanSchuab, @AdamRayComedy, @funnybrad, and @ALNPodcast!

About Last Night – Andrew Santino

The hilarious Andrew Santino returns to the podcast to break down comedy in the 70’s, Kathy Griffin and Trump, his new Showtime comedy special “Home FIeld Advantage” and making his Showtime show “I’m Dying Up Here”! Follow him on TWITTER @cheetosantino, Adam @AdamRayComedy, Brad @funnybrad, and the podcast @ALNPodcast!

About Last Night – Sal Vulcano

The hilarious Sal Vulcano joins the podcast to talk about getting his start in comedy, growing up in Staten Island, how “Impractical Jokers” developed and all of the crazy things that he’s had to do for the show, and so much more! Hope you enjoy this episode and follow everybody on TWITTER at @SalVulcano, @AdamRayComedy, @FunnyBrad, and @ALNPodcast!

About Last Night – Ron Funches

Ron Funches returns to talk getting paid to watch wrestling, raising a son with Autism, trying to name a weed for him, his new standup tour, and what forced him to lose weight. Enjoy this hilarious episode and follow Ron on TWITTER @ronfunches, Adam @adamraycomedy, @funnybrad & @alnpodcast.