About Last Night – Pauly Shore


Pauly Shore stops by to share amazing stories about growing up in The Comedy Store, working for MTV, his podcast Pauly Shore’s Interested, and his new documentary that gives an inside look to a side of Pauly we’ve never seen before. Make sure to check out PAULY SHORE STANDS ALONE December 4th on SHOWTIME and follow him on Twitter @PaulyShore.

About Last Night – Thomas Dale


Thomas Dale stops by to talk about his struggles with addiction, how comedy saved his life, and what Pixar character he would like to voice. It’s an inspiring and hilarious episode from start to finish. Fall in love with Thomas & follow him on Twitter @ThomasDale5.

About Last Night – Sebastian Maniscalco


Sebastian Maniscalco stops by to talk about his new special “Aren’t You Embarrassed?”, his hilarious Italian hair stylist father, and how a scooter has changed his life. Sebastian is one of the best comics in the world, and we were lucky enough to sit down & laugh with him for an hour. Follow him on Twitter @SebastianComedy.

About Last Night – Steve Byrne


Steve Bryne stops by to talk about being popular on MySpace, being the only Asian in his high school, and how his pal Vince Vaughn helped make his show SULLIVAN & SON. It’s a hilarious episode you should not miss. Follow him on Twitter @SteveByrnelive.

About Last Night – Joey McIntyre

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Joey McIntyre returns to talk about his new show The McCarthy’s on CBS, the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and teaches Adam how to not screw up singing the national anthem. It’s a great interview from start to finish. Follow Joey on Twitter @Joeymcintyre.

About Last Night – Rory Scovel


Rory Scovel is one of the hottest comics in the biz, and stops by to share hilarious stories about starting comedy in North Carolina, his show GROUND FLOOR on TBS, and his epic appearances on CONAN. Brent Morin fills in for Brad, and yet again, brings the heat. Buckle up. Follow Rory & Brent on Twitter @Roryscovel & @Brentmorin.

About Last Night – Barry Katz


Barry Katz returns for the SEQUEL to his first appearance! One of the most powerful and influential managers in the business shares more amazing stories from getting Jay Mohr “Jerry Maguire,” to coaching Whitney through big auditions, and reliving Brad’s recent one hour standup special. Follow Barry on TWITTER @BarryKatz.

About Last Night – Dane Cook


Dane Cook returns to the podcast to discuss his first standup special in four years! “TROUBLEMAKER” airs October 17th on SHOWTIME, and Dane shares with us get the process of putting together his seventh hours special, all on his own. We also take a trip down memory lane, and talk about the highs and lows of a career that is heading in a new direction, and still fucking hilarious. If you’re a young comic, or just a human being, you’ll enjoy this inspiring episode. Follow him on TWITTER @danecook.