About Last Night – Erik Myers


Erik Myers stops by with some of the craziest stories you’ll ever hear on a podcast. He knew he was gonna be a comic when he was a child. It’s what separated him from the pack, put a stop to the teasing and ultimately, saved his life. From starting standup in Maryland, to performing for only the second time in front of thousands for a BET taping, to his battles with sobriety in LA, that led to him sleeping in bushes for a whole week, his inspiring story will make you cry. Remember this name and get on the bandwagon now, cause soon the whole world will. Follow Erik on TWITTER @erikmyerscomedy.

About Last Night – Fortune Feimster


Fortune Feimster is a rising star in the comedy scene, and one of the chillest, most likable people on planet earth! Her journey to LA is pretty incredible. From her college graduation speech, to becoming a writer on Chelsea Lately, to meeting Tina Fey, to making a sitcom about her family, and crushing it with her standup all over the world, you’ll be hearing a lot more from her very soon. Enjoy this episode as much as we did, and follow our hilarious friend on TWITTER @fortunefunny.

About Last Night – Steve-O


Steve-O returns, and brings some of the best stories we’ve heard on this podcast! Too many laughs in this one, as we hear how he got in trouble with Sea World, lit his asshole on fire, the origins of how his craziness began, how Jared from Subway is fucking up his act, and his first hour standup special that is coming out soon! He’s a great dude, and so fun to chat with. You’re gonna love this one. Subscribe to his hilarious YouTube channel, and follow him on TWITTER @stevo.

About Last Night – Jessica Chaffin


Jessica Chaffin stops by to talk meeting Adam on THE HEAT, her problems with Jurassic World, moving to LA from NYC on Sept. 10th, 2001, and what sexual positions are the most flattering for men. She’s one of the funniest people you’ll talk to on planet earth, as proven in her hilarious podcast RONNA & BEVERLY! Subscribe, listen, laugh, and follow Jess on TWITTER @JessicaChaffin.

About Last Night – Michael Rapaport (Bonus)


Michael Rapaport has been in more TV shows and Films than anybody on the planet. Well, at least it feels that way. From TRUE ROMANCE, to THE HEAT, to COPLAND, to NYPD BLUE, to LOUIE, to BASKETBALL DIARIES, his journey into the business is unlike any you’ll ever hear. A shit talking kid from NYC that just wanted to be in the NBA, that somehow found his way into standup, and eventually Hollywood. His stories about making the Tribe Called Quest documentary, meeting Christopher Walken, and a Dave Chappelle story you’ll only hear on the ALN podcast. Your’e gonna love this one as much as we did. Follow Michael on TWITTER @MichaelRapaport.

About Last Night – Brent Morin


Brent Morin returns for a record 5th time on the ALN podcast, and we couldn’t be more pumped! From kissing Ed Sheeran on UNDATEABLE, to filming his one hour special, Brent kills it again. The boys drink white wine, talk about romantic movies, bullies, Danny Glover commercials, and prank Brent in a way you’ll never believe. Enjoy, laugh, and love this one as much as we did, and follow Brent on TWITTER @brentmorin.

About Last Night – Brett Riley


Brett Riley stops to by to talk about growing up in Kansas, how he discovered he could sing R&B & make people think he was black, commuting from a wine country to LA to pursue his dreams, and the wild night he and Adam had when they first met. It’s one of the most fun episodes we’ve done, and Brett is a rising star that’ll make you laugh, and wanna hang out with. Get his album I’M AN IDIOT, and enjoy this one. Follow Brett on TWITTER @BrettRiley.

About Last Night – Bald Bryan

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 2.57.46 PM

Bald Bryan stops by to discuss being a contestant on WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE, how he got the job on the Adam Carolla podcast, and his incredibly inspiring story of getting diagnosed with a brain tumor, surviving against all odds, and how he currently lives with it today. Bryan is one of the greatest dudes you’ll meet and his story is unlike anything you’ll ever hear on this podcast. Love your life, and enjoy this fantastic episode of ALN. Get his new book SHRINKAGE, an follow Bryan on Twitter @BaldBryan.